Now we also offers vacationshomes. This vacationhome is a smaller house with two rooms and diningkitchen. Lots or space for four persons, but there can stay up to six persons. One room is with a doublebed, and the other (livingroom) is with two oneandahalf person sleepingcouches. There is an attic with lots of place for suitcases

No smoking or use of open fire or candelight, checkin after 16.00, checkout before 14.00. Guests have to clean up the house before departure.

The house cant be rented for shorter periods than one week.

Prices for the whole house:

Pr day untill 14 days                                     1150,-        (minimum 7 days)

Pr day in all at longer stays than 14 days       1000,-

Pr day in all at longer stays than 1 month        850,-

Example: 9daysx1150=10.350 / 17daysx1000=17.000 / 31daysx850=26.350